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New! ORGANIC Nestilo®

Nestilo®, meaning Nest of Joy. An organic, breathable and soft portable bed for your bub to rest anytime, anywhere. The new Nestilo® models (April 2022 onwards) are made out of 100% organic materials both inside and out to ensure a healthy environment for your baby, free from chemicals and toxins, and 100% filled with love.

The Nestilo® is portable and easy to bring along for adventures as your bub can have a rest wherever you are without interrupting their sleep routine. Pop it into the complementary canvas carry bag and off you go!

If you intend to co-sleep, the Nestilo® provides a safe barrier between parent/s and their bubs. Size can be adjusted with the ties at the bottom, start with the nest tied and open it up as your bub grows. The Baby size is suitable from Newborn to approx 8 months and the Toddler size is suitable from approx 9-18 months.

A Nestilo® liner (included) is good for absorbing the occasional baby juice and it’s easy to wash. It won't scrunch up under your bub's head as it is quilted and made from the same organic cotton fabric as the baby nest.

We also offer Nestilo® covers (sold separately) if you would like an extra cover for when one is in the wash.

Made with 100% organic materials
Ties can be opened for additional length
Lightweight and portable, can be used around the house and is ideal for travel
Removable cover for easy washing
Includes an absorbent liner to catch the occasional baby juice
Canvas carry bag for storage and travel is included

Naps, lounging, tummy time, massages and diaper changes
Safe and comfy space for your baby while bedsharing
Convenient place to park your baby during bonding time with parents and family
Familiar spot for babies while traveling

Watch this video on different ways to use Nestilo® baby nests.

Cover: GOTS certified 100% Organic cotton fabric
Mattress pad: Organic natural latex (rubber)
Bolster tube filling: Organic silk-cotton (kapok)

Baby (0-8 months): Approx 26cm wide and 70cm long inner mattress size with clasps open, outer dimensions approx 46cm width x 80cm length x 15cm height

Toddler (9-18 months): Approx 36cm wide and 82cm long inner mattress with clasps open, outer dimensions approx 60cm width x 102cm length x 20cm height

Note: Due to this product's large size we are unable to offer gift wrapping. PS. If you do select 'gift wrapping' at checkout, the Nestilo® will still arrive in it's usual packaging only – inside a cardboard box along with a canvas carry bag.

Shipping & Returns
We ship worldwide! The Baby size is typically dispatched within 2 business days and the Toddler size within 7-10 days of order receipt. The Toddler size is made to order and is not eligible for a return/exchange or refund/store credit. For more information on delivery timelines and our returns policy,  please see our Shipping Guide and Returns & Exchanges pages. If you have any further questions please get in touch.

Before wash, unzip the zipper on the inside of the bolster cover to separate the bolster from the mattress. Then remove the mattress from the cover. Finally, unzip the zipper on the outside of the bolster cover to remove the bolster.

Cover: Machine wash cold (below 30°C) tumble dry low or air dry, medium iron
Mattress: Hand wash with mild soap by squeezing soiled area, dry flat in shade
Bolster: Do not wash. Spot clean the soiled area, dry flat in full sun or with a hair dryer. Do not leave damp. Once dry, use your hands to separate and fluff up the washed wadding if needed.

We don't recommend putting your kapok bolster in the washer or dryer. It's possible that kapok filling could escape from the inner casings while being tossed around in the washer and/or dryer. This can lead to quite a mess, and may damage your machine. Even if you wash the bolster without any issues, it will take a very long time to dry. Dampness also increases the chance of mildew.

Do not bleach, use mild detergents and do not use any temperatures above 30°C as this will ruin the organic cotton. Make sure that any stains are properly dried as a damp Nestilo® may allow mould to develop, therefore keep an eye out for wet spots and make sure the nest stays dry.

Good to Know
All of our items are designed and made with care and love in India. Made by hand, slight variations are natural and part of the charm!


How is the latest Nestilo® model (April 2022 onwards) different from the previous version?

The new Nestilo® baby nest is made out of 100% organic materials both inside and out to ensure a healthy environment for your baby, free from chemicals and toxins. The baby nest and cover is made out of GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, organic silk cotton wadding and organic natural latex. The bolster cover also has an additional zip on the outside so you can remove the insert and wash the cover separately.

To know if you have the latest model, look out for the word ‘organic’ below the Nestilo® logo embroidered on the bolster cover.

Why organic cotton and why do we use it?

Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers, ensuring that bub is not exposed to any harmful chemicals, which the long-term effects are still unknown. Using organic cotton ensures that not only the end-user but any person involved in any part of the Nestilo® production-process is working in a healthy environment safe from toxic chemicals.

Since no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process, organic cotton is hypoallergenic and highly recommended for infants as it is less likely to cause adverse skin reactions. As compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton has also been shown to be beneficial for asthmatics.

We use locally sourced GOTS certified organic Indian cotton for our products. Our choices today in managing climate change will shape the future of our children. We want Masilo® babies to grow up in a healthy and eco-friendly world.

What is organic silk cotton and why do we use it?

The bolsters in the Nestilo® are filled with organic silk cotton. Organic silk cotton grows on the kapok tree also known as ceiba tree. The harvesting of silk cotton fibre does not impact the tree's integrity, making silk cotton profoundly sustainable. Both the kapok tree and silk cotton fibre are not treated with any fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This makes silk cotton 100% free of harmful chemicals and toxins which means, in comparison to synthetic or heavily sprayed natural fibres, it is a healthier and safer option for every living creature and the environment.

Due to its nature and growing conditions, silk cotton is a true 100% organic soft and breathable material. It is a moisture resistant, quick drying and resilient fibre. Silk cotton is known to reduce the heat from the body and make for a sound and safer sleeping environment. Much like silk, silk cotton is incredibly soft, lightweight and lustrous to rest on - only the best for Masilo® babies.

What is organic latex and why do we use it?

Natural latex is a white sap extracted from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasilienesis). A single Hevea tree absorbs about 1.8 tons of CO² in its lifetime. Globally, all latex plantations together offset 90 million tons of CO² per year. The natural latex tree is among the most ecological trees in the world.

The structure of our natural latex mattresses results in a cool and comfortable nap for your baby. Natural latex is a recyclable material. The mattress can be ripped into smaller pieces and added to the compost pile, the garden bed or into flower pots when you want to dispose of the mattress.

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Awesome quality

It arrived beautifully packaged everything was clean and easy to assemble. It feels very soft and of fantastic quality.

Son loves the print

I trust Masilo for well-designed and sustainable baby products

Best Quality

I would highly reccomend to purchase this product. Its been with me since my baby was born and I just bought the bigger size. Its so snug and comfirtable and amazing quality.

Quick Delivery

Great Customer servive and wonderful products

A Must-Have for Every Nursery

The Masilo Nestilo is a must-have for any new parent. It's the perfect size and shape for babies, and it's made from high-quality materials.

Size Baby

  • Baby
  • Toddler
9,450 INR
Organic Nestilo – Chevron (Grey)