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A Baby Gift That Gives Back

At Masilo we believe there's no better way to celebrate a new baby than to gift to a less privileged mama.

As a conscious baby linen company, we've created a baby box of newborn essentials from upcycled fabrics that includes an organic cotton pillow, blanket, washcloth and tote.

This starter kit for newborns can be used as a baby's first bed, providing them a safe space to rest within the box's four walls and padded mat at the bottom.

We're offering these baby boxes at a special heavily discounted rate that covers only a minimal cost for making them in contribution towards a charitable cause.

So whether you're expecting, celebrating your baby's birth or their first birthday, if you're a new mama (+ family!) looking to make a difference, we'd be happy to make a donation on your behalf of 10 baby boxes or more to tribal women beneficiaries of Impact India's Maternal Nutrition Project or another NGO of your choice.

If you are interested in our charitable cause of gifting these baby boxes to less privileged new mamas, here's how it works:

How much does a box cost?
We have curated three types of bundles to suit different budgets:

The Essentials Bundle (INR 500 each) includes:
1 x Dohar
1 x Pillow
1 x Tote Bag

The Mini Box (INR 1,000 each) includes:
1 x Dohar
1 x Pillow
1 x Padded Mat
1 x Portable Box Bed

The Baby Box (INR 1,500 each) includes:
1 x Dohar
1 x Pillow
1 x Padded Mat
1 x Wash Cloth
1 x Tote Bag
1 x Portable Box Bed

You can either donate by specifying the type of gift box you’d like to send, or let us know the amount you’d like to donate and we can recommend a gift box accordingly.

Note: We request you to donate 10 gift boxes or more

Where do the boxes go?
We have partnered with Impact India Foundation’s Maternal Nutrition Project for this cause. Their team will physically distribute these boxes to tribal women beneficiaries across Maharashtra in need of basic newborn care products, on your behalf.

How do I know my donation will really reach the families they should?
Your donation is completely traceable as Impact India maintains a detailed record of the names and addresses of the families that receive the boxes and will also share heartwarming photos of new moms and babies using the upcycled Masilo products donated by you!

We can also connect you with the NGO directly so you can make the donation in person if you would like to.

Alternatively, we are happy to ship the boxes to you directly so you can distribute them to an NGO of your choice. (Our boxes flat pack for easy transport and storage.)

Sounds great, how do I order? Simply fill out this form so we can process your order.

Thank you for your support, love and charity!

Team Masilo

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