• Smarter Babies
When in the security of the wrap your baby enjoys a state of “quiet alertness” and has the advantage of a 180 degree view of her world, increasing her visual and auditory stimulus and giving her more opportunity for interaction with you.

• Better emotional and physical development
The constant contact and reassurance a baby feels when in a wrap will give him a sense of security that will better prepare him to form relationships as an adult. Research has also shown that premature and special needs babies who are held and touched have a faster weight gain and are overall healthier than those who are not.

• Decrease in post-partum depression
The increased physical contact of wearing your baby can lower the incidence of post partum depression by strengthening the maternal bond.

• Independence
According to Harvard researchers when babies are nurtured and held close, rather than developing increased dependence they grow to be more independent.

• SIDS Prevention
Babywearing has been shown to stimulate the neurological and respiratory systems thus aiding in the prevention of SIDS. Another advantage is that your baby can nap while being worn, receive constant monitoring and avoid having to lie on her back.

• Hands Free For You!
Wearing your baby allows you the freedom to take care of other responsibilities while nurturing and caring for his needs.