What does Godilo mean?
Godilo means ‘carry me’ in our mother tongue, Hindi :)

What is the age and weight range for your carrier?
Although our carrier is suitable from birth (ideally 3.5kg) to 12kg in different positions, it is ideal for the first year of your baby’s life, with the most use happening in the first 6 months. You may continue to wear the wrap as long as both you and your baby are comfortable.

What is the Godilo made of?
Our soft and stretchy carrier is made from 100% organic Indian cotton.

Are the dyes used in your fabric safe?
Yes, we use non-toxic water based pigments.

Where is your baby carrier made?
The Godilo is designed and made with care and love in India (ships worldwide).

I’m a plus-size mom. Will the Godilo fit me?
Yes! Our carrier is made with a stretchy fabric that will soften and relax during use, adapting as best as possible to both the wearer and baby’s bodies. It can easily be worn by parents and caregivers of different sizes. See our Size Guide to choose which size to get.

How does the Godilo compare with other baby carrier wraps?
Our carrier is made from soft, 100% organic cotton that’s lightweight, breathable and naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive newborn skin. The fabric has the perfect amount of stretch, keeping your baby snug, safe and comfortable. Unlike complicated baby carriers, the Godilo does not have any knots, ties or buckles, making it easy to put on for first time babywearers. It also folds to pocket-size, making it travel friendly!


How soon can I start wearing my baby?
Right away! Our recommended positions are safe and appropriate for babies from birth to toddlerhood.

Will I spoil my baby if I wear him/her too much?
No, studies have shown that carried babies quickly develop a sense of trust and security and they often become independent at an earlier age. You can learn more about the benefits of babywearing here.

Can I place my child in a forward facing position in the Godilo?
No! Never place your baby in a forward position in a Godilo or any other baby carrier. This position places undue pressure on a baby’s developing spine and hips as well as your baby’s most sensitive area. It also fails to provide good head and neck support, especially while the wearer is on the go. Forward facing is also unsafe for a sleeping baby since that most often leads to a chin to chest head position that can restrict baby's airway.

Is the Godilo suitable for hip carrying?
Yes, our carrier may be used in the toddler or hip carry position for babies from 7kg or 6 months (when they can sit up unassisted). You may need to support your baby with one arm in this position, but it’s a quick and easy way to get most of the weight off and GO!

Is the Godilo suitable for back carrying?
No, never use the Godilo for a back carry. There is no safe way to use a stretchy carrier for a back carry.

Can I breastfeed in this carrier?
Yes. You can easily and discreetly nurse while wearing your baby in our Godilo Baby Carrier. For more information on breastfeeding in the wrap, please click here. Remember to always keep a close watch on your baby while breastfeeding and move your baby’s face away from your breast when he/she is no longer actively nursing.

My baby seems to be sinking down, is the size too large?
Your baby should not be too low and remain within reach for kisses. See our Size Guide to know if the size is too large or not.


If I’m not happy with the Godilo, can I return it?
Feel free to try our carrier on in the comfort of your home to see if it works for you and if it doesn’t, you can send it back to us for a size swap or a refund :)

Please read our Returns Policy page for full info on how to initiate an online exchange. Please note that the product cannot be returned or exchanged once washed.


Is the Godilo machine washable?
Yes. Machine wash cold with like colours. Tumble dry low. Do not use detergents that contain optical brighteners. Some slight shrinkage may occur. Do not dry clean.