From Moms Around the World
"Dev already can't do without his whale blanket from Masilo! It's his cuddle time must have. Love the super soft fabric and the adorable design! And now Dia wants one too!" – Ashni, INDIA
"Absolutely love the Masilo panda cushion. My daughter doesn't sleep until she snuggles her face in it and kisses it goodnight." – Merzia, INDIA 
"We're so lucky that we were one of the first to get a sneak peek of Masilo and we absolutely love your beautifully designed bedding. We’re a huge fan and wish you all the best." – Sarang, SOUTH KOREA
"Simply love Masilo's baby products! From the great quality of the organic fabrics, the soft pastel colours, to the cute and delicate designs. My daughter Jane loves her Happy Cloud and her Star Bunting sends her straight to fairyland every night!" – Emma, BELGIUM
"Kabir turned 6 months recently and he's the happiest baby ever! A lot has to do with being spoiled silly by the Panda, Bee and Whale that have kept him company every day since he's come home. He can't wait for his next set from Masilo!" – Sneha, INDIA