6 must-have bedtime books for littles

It’s a veritable sea of stories out there, but we asked our mommy friend and follower Priyanka Khanna for her favourite tales to tell her little one...

"My mother is a voracious reader. And I’ve inherited her love of books. For anyone who follows me on Instagram (@priyankak14) or knows me even a little, I’m rarely without a book in hand. With a very active 2 year old in my life, I now read whenever I get a moment—in the car on my way to work, on long flights, and late into the night, when the house is all asleep. When I need an escape from daily life—a good book and a cup of coffee is really all it takes.

There’s nothing quite like the magic of books. And just like my mother did, it’s a love I hope to pass onto my daughter. So far, so good! We have our reading routine down pat. Every evening, fresh from her bath and in her unicorn pyjamas, Vedika settles into an oversized armchair with a few books. These are her (and my!) current favourites…"

Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
There’s a reason this book has been a children’s favourite since it was published nearly 70 years ago. It never fails to delight. 

How to Hide a Lion, How to Hide a Lion in School and How to Hide a Lion From Grandma by Helen Stephens
A friend gave us the first in this series, and my daughter is OBSESSED with “the lion book” as she calls it! The book follows an unlikely friendship between a little girl Iris and a Lion she encounters.

The Maisy Series by Lucy Cousins
The brightly coloured books are another hit—they follow Maisy and her friends as they go to nursery, learn to swim, go on holiday, and other adventures.

Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter
This was my favourite series as a child, and I’m slowly trying to introduce it to my daughter. I love how quintessentially British it is.

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson
Fantastical and lyrical, the story of a mouse fending for itself in the woods, is a lesson in thinking on your feet. And the idea that brains will always trump brawn!

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae, Guy Parker-Rees
Gerald, the gangly awkward giraffe defys the odds in the jungle by proving that you should always dance to your own tunes. 

Priyanka Khanna is the Associate Fashion Features Director, Vogue India. @priyankak14