Sharing the Joy

Sharing the Joy is a space for moms to browse, comment and share, so we can navigate the first years of motherhood, together. 

In a world of overwhelming choice, as a new parent you may find yourself struggling for trusted advice on everything from what to pack in your hospital bag to natural remedies for postpartum recovery, how to get comfortable with breastfeeding, or where to find safe and non-toxic products for your baby. 

As my bundle of joy turns one today, I can look back and say that I’ve had my fair share of challenging moments in the early days. Along the way, I discovered many products that are truly amazing and safe, home remedies that worked and advice that was spot on – that I feel deserve to be shared. 

Combining my own experiences as a new mother with those from our amazing mama community, and bringing in experts in journalism, nutrition, lifestyle medicine and more, we will be exploring everything from nursing to sleeping, family and diet, style, gear and wellbeing. 

Where possible, all products featured on Sharing the Joy are mindfully curated for conscious parents to be free from toxic chemicals, dyes, or anything that may be harmful to you or your baby. They have been recommended by moms from Masilo's mama community or myself, and have not been sponsored by the brands in any way.

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Eisha Maskara Sheth
Founder, Masilo


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