Get Ready for Breastfeeding Checklist

Curated by mamas who've been there, this checklist covers everything you'd need to help you get started with your breastfeeding journey...


Breast Pump, Bottles & Accessories

Spectra Hospital Grade Double Breast Pump

"I loved the 'massage mode' to kickstart the letdown (milk flowing) and found the night light a neat little feature for late night pumping sessions." @tanvishete

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra

"Incredibly comfortable, stays in place even without the straps and is adjustable to fit your changing bust sizes postpartum from XS-L. If you plan on pumping, I would highly recommend investing in this bra so your hands are totally free." @khyati.modi

Philips Avent Electric Steam Sterilizer

"A must-have for all bottle feeding and pumping moms! Easy to use, light weight and sterilises within ten minutes!" @sanjanashah13

Philips Avent Electric Bottle Warmer

"Heats up bottles and baby food jars quickly and evenly, avoiding those dangerous hot spots that can occur with microwave heating." @gauriknayar

Dr Browns Glass Baby Bottles

"Anti-colic and plastic-free, these glass feeding bottles are simply the best. Get atleast 2 in each size (5oz and 9oz) to begin with." @ashtheyogi

Shop | Soft Organic Swaddles that double up as Nursing Covers


Dr Browns Bottle Brush

"Best in the market to clean baby's bottles. If you have Dr Browns Natural Flow Baby Bottles, be sure to get these brushes too." @nutzoo85

Beaba Folding Flower Baby Bottle Drying Rack

"Modern design, easy to clean, compact and yet holds a ton of stuff – worked great for us." @rima_jain

Babyganics Dish & Bottle Liquid Soap

"Best dish soap for baby bottles and pump parts. Plant-based, non-scented, washes off easily without residue and foams up well so you can use less product." @lailabijlani

Skip Hop Bottle Cooler Bag

"We loved this travel-friendly, compact bottle bag for on-the-go feedings." @mansichoksi

Breastmilk Storage Containers

"Lanisoh bags have a double zipper and lie the flattest when frozen, making them the easiest for storing breast milk in the deep freezer. If you're looking to go plastic-free, try the Borosil glass storage jars which are air tight and freezer-safe." @priyanka.kheruka

Did you know? Holding your baby skin-to-skin and babywearing helps to increase milk volume by increasing your levels of the milk-making hormone oxytocin. Shop | Godilo Organic Baby Carrier Wrap

Comfort for Sore Breasts & Nipples

Era Organics Nipple Cream

"This all natural nipple cream was by far the most soothing and most effective for providing relief to sore nipples during those early learning-to-breastfeed days" @emaskara

Breast Shells

"Breast shells can be worn under any bra and protect the nipple from friction. They also collect precious milk from one breast while breastfeeding on the other, which can be transferred to bottles and given to your baby. Plus, no need to worry about making your clothes wet!" @pc2163

Lovies Flaxseed Filled Breastfeeding Hot & Cold Pack

"We don't have a microwave, so I bought these packs as they can be heated in the oven. They worked great as a compress for 5-10 minutes before feedings which helped the milk flow easier. They are also so soft and love that the covers are removable!" @ishitajain79


Nursing Bras & Pads

Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra

“Most comfortable and practical for daily wear, goes well beyond pregnancy and nursing days." @sonakshiagarwal

Kindred Braverly Nursing Sleep Bra

“Easy nursing access without any clasps or hooks getting in the way, plus the soft organic cotton is super comfortable to sleep in." @emaskara

Reusable Bamboo Nursing Pads

“Washable super soft absorbent towel fabric against the skin with an anti-leak layer on the outside – what's not to love!" @snehaushah

Organyc Disposable Nursing Pads

"Would highly recommend these 100% organic cotton disposable breast pads for conscious mamas or those with sensitive skin" @abhashah1

Shop | Organic Burp Cloths & Bibs


Infantino Elevate Nursing Pillow

"Love that it's adjustable and helps to elevate your baby closer to the breast making it easier to latch" @karendehe

Masilo Burp Cloth & Bib

This all-in-one burp cloth cum bib is a must-have to catch all the drools and spit ups. Get loads – you'll need them! @tezmer

Feather Hug Nursing Wrap

"The poncho style is more stylish than an apron style for sure! You can wear it on-the-go as a scarf too when you're not nursing" @ambika.dalmia

The products featured in this article have been recommended by new moms from Masilo's Instagram community and have not been sponsored by the brands in any way.

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