Eisha's List of Non-toxic Newborn Essentials

From a baby carrier made of eco-friendly 100% organic cotton to plastic-free glass feeding bottles that are anti-colic too, Masilo Founder Eisha Maskara Sheth shares her must have essentials for a natural, safe and green start for your baby.

Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting things, but the thought of taking care of a tiny little human can be overwhelming too. When I was pregnant, I spent a lot of time researching organic, natural and non-toxic products for my son, determined to get him a green start in life. I discovered many honest, good brands with products that I found I relied heavily on and are indeed amazing and safe. Check out my list of eco baby essentials below!

Glass Bottles

We used Dr. Brown’s Glass Wide-Neck Baby Bottles, they have a neat anti-colic vent system that’s designed to reduce feeding problems and aid digestion. While plastic bottles are meant to be safe and BPA free, they still slowly leach out chemicals especially with warm substances inside or during exposure to sunlight. Old-fashioned glass bottles on the other hand are healthier, safer and easier to sterilize clean in boiling water. They are also more durable and can be easily used for your next baby. Plus, glass is recyclable too.

Organic Cloth Diapers & Non-Toxic Disposables

Sometimes diaper rashes are simply caused by the harsh chemicals found in mainstream brands, so it is worth looking out for a more natural brand. If you really want to be green and budget friendly you'd choose reusable cloth diapers, but we found a combination of both cloth and non-toxic disposables worked well for us.

We did Bambo Nature non-toxic disposables for the first few months and going out, and then we jumped into cloth diapers. We found it difficult to find organic, modern cloth diapers in India that did not have a PUL or Nylon coating, so we sourced ours in the UK from Petit Lulu. Mind you these are not waterproof so there are chances of leaks, but we were ok with this while at home as our priority was breathability. Plus, it helps in getting started with potty training early.

For on-the-go diaper changes, we used WaterWipes (made from 99.9% purified water and 0.1% from grapefruit seed extract). At home, we simply dipped cotton wool in water to clean the tush followed by a dash of organic cold pressed coconut oil (which is anti-bacterial) to soothe it.

Organic Bedtime Essentials

At least for sleep time (where babies spend most of their time in the early days), it’s nice to create as safe and non-toxic an environment as you can. Needless to say, Masilo was my go-to for breathable swaddles, crib sheets and other organic cotton essentials that are gentle on newborn skin.

We ended up co-sleeping with our son for the first four months with the Nestilo baby nest, and then transitioned him from the nest into his cot bed. Made with organic cotton, we found the Nestilo super cozy and a safe spot to place our baby anytime, anywhere around the house.

Organic Baby Carrier Wraps


Babywearing is a great way for active parents to bond with their baby and enjoy the closeness while getting things done during the day, hands-free. It can also be helpful to calm and soothe a newborn as they listen to your heartbeat, the one sound they’re familiar with over the past nine months, and feel safe.

We loved the Godilo Baby Carrier Wrap made with breathable and eco-friendly organic cotton fabric that's designed for sensitive newborn skin and comfort in hot and humid climates (like Mumbai). We used this from day one until he could walk comfortably.

Natural Teethers & Early Toys

In the beginning, your baby will put any and everything into their mouth, so if you don’t want to expose your little one to any plastics or silicones, wooden toys, natural rubber and organic fabrics are safest. Think wooden teethers and rattles, fabric books, textured balls and organic soft toys. The Manhattan Skwish RattleSophie La Giraffe Teether and Petit Collage Developmental Bunny were our favourites.

A few at-home eco-friendly and inexpensive natural alternatives that also worked for us were frozen washcloths to soothe tender gums and a good quality wooden spoon to chew on.

Natural & Non-Toxic Baby Skin Care

The skin is the body's largest and most responsive organ, and what goes on our skin is eventually absorbed into our bodies. This is why synthetic fragrances and ingredients in products (for both moms and babies) can lead to skin irritations, rashes and even respiratory issues. Luckily, natural and non-toxic skin care products can protect, clean and nurture your little one’s skin through the first months of life.

We loved the all-natural and vegan shampoo, bodywash and handwashes by California Baby and used Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil to massage our baby with after a bath.

We also went for non-toxic home care products that come in contact with the skin indirectly, and used natural detergents and surface cleaners from Natural Clean.

Let us know if you’ve used any of the items from this list or if you have any questions for Eisha? Please write to us at community@masilo.in, we’d love to hear from you!

Eisha Maskara Sheth is the Founder at Masilo. @emaskara

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