Baby Music That Won't Drive You Crazy!

Let's face it: the upbeat, oh-too-sweet voices in most baby music is downright annoying for most adults, not to mention when you're a sleep-deprived new parent doing everything you can to soothe a crying baby. Don't worry, we've put together a baby music playlist that you and your little one will both love!

Our Rock-a-Lullaby' Baby Music Playlist

Here Comes The Sun
The Beatles ~ Abbey Road

Better Together
Jack Johnson ~ In Between Dreams

John Lennon ~ Imagine

I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll
Parekh & Singh ~ Ocean

Three Little Birds
Bob Marley ~ Legend

Have It All
Jason Mraz ~ Have It All (Single)

What A Wonderful World
Louis Armstrong ~ What A Wonderful World

Pharell ~ Despicable Me 2 Soundtrack

Your Song
Elton John ~ Elton John

Banana Pancakes
Jack Johnson ~ In Between Dreams

You've Got A Friend In Me
Lyle Lovett & Randy Newman

Coldplay ~ Parachutes

You Are My Sunshine
Charles McDonald ~ Annabelle Creation Soundtrack

Sweet Baby James
James Taylor ~ Sweet Baby James

Guitar Man
Bread ~ Best of Bread

Wonderful Baby
Don McClean ~ Homeless Brother 

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