A Simple Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

Follow these simple steps to set the stage for the sweetest slumber:

Step 1: A Soothing Soak

A bath is a great way to relax your baby and kickstart a bedtime routine. Fill the tub with water and set the temperature so it isn't too hot or cold. Always remember to double check the temperature before placing your little one in the water.

Allow your baby to soak in the bath for as long as they are comfortable, for up to 15 minutes. If your baby is young, it is recommended to start with a shorter bath of about 5 minutes and gradually build up their time in the bath as they get bigger.

After the bath, be sure there isn’t a dramatic difference in temperature in the move from tub to changing table. Using a baby bath wrap or hooded towel will keep little ones warm and cozy until they are in their pyjamas.

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Step 2: A Gentle Massage

Take this time to bond with your little one and give them a massage with baby oil or lotion. Gentle and loving touch is a great way to soothe babies and reduce crying. Studies have shown regular massage can also aid digestion, relieve colic, gas and constipation and help your baby sleep more deeply – making it a great one to include in your baby's daily wind-down routine.

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Step 3: A Bedtime Book

It's never too early to introduce your baby to the world of stories. Reading helps you not only to bond with your baby and put them to sleep, but also to boost their imagination, memory and language skills from an early age. And ofcourse they will love staring at the colourful pictures!

Here's 6 Must-Have Bedtime Books for Littles to add to your little one's library.

Step 4: A Final Feeding

Before you sit down to feed your baby, soften the lights and draw the curtains in the room to allow for their eyes to adjust to the idea that sleep is coming soon. When you’re finished, be sure to burp your baby before putting them down to sleep.

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Step 5: A Snug Swaddle Or Sleeping Bag

Swaddling is said to be familiar to babies, as it recreates the secure and cozy feeling of the womb, helping babies sleep longer and more soundly. It also prevents unnecessary wake-ups with sudden involuntary movements caused by the Moro (or 'startle') reflex. 

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Transition from swaddling to an arms-free sleeping bag when your baby begins to roll so they can feel snug but with their arms free.

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Avoid distractions in your baby's crib or sleep area. Try to keep this space for sleep and rest, not for playtime. Sweet dreams! 

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