5 Ways To Protect Your Baby From EMF Radiation

As parents, we’ll do anything to keep our little ones safe—it’s our natural, loving instinct. We prepare for the arrival of our babies by carefully picking high quality products and planning ideal nurseries; yet we surrounded ourselves with handy modern day gadgets that emit EMFs, which are known to be harmful to both babies and adults.

What Is EMF Radiation?

EMF stands for electromagnetic field. Invisible electric and magnetic waves are emitted by natural and man-made objects, in low and high frequencies. While our bodies are used to certain amounts of naturally occurring EMFs, long-term unprotected exposure to artificial EMFs can disrupt our own biology, have an adverse effect on our vital organs and can worsen inflammatory problems.

Everyday gadgets that emit chronic levels of low-frequency EMFs:

• Cell Phones, Tablets, Computers, E-readers
• Wi-Fi Routers & Bluetooth enabled Devices
• Appliances, Smart Appliances & Smart Home Technology
Including Fridges, TV’s, Printers, Airpods/Bluetooth Earphones, Watches, Cordless Phones, Hair Dryers, Electric Shavers, Smoke Detectors
• Microwaves
• Baby Monitors & Smart Baby Monitoring Devices
• Wireless & Wi-Fi Enabled Cameras
• Old Electric Circuitry

• CFL bulbs

Therefore, EMF exposure is not healthy. And yet, health problems from overexposure to EMF radiation have been controversial for several reasons. First, symptoms due to modern devices can be inconspicuous and may become noticeable over time rather than immediately. Second, the electronic and telecommunication industries have strong financial interests in consumers not being aware of potential harm from using their products.

Babies in-womb, newborns and children are especially susceptible to harm from EMF radiation because they have smaller and growing bodies, where symptoms can be more apparent.

In today’s world, it may seem impossible to live without modern-day technological conveniences. Thankfully, there are ways to find a tech-life balance, protect yourself and your baby from prolonged exposure to EMF radiation, and mitigate the negative health effects.

Ways to Reduce EMF exposure


While baby monitors are a nursery essential, its best not to leave them on 24/7. Those that are attached to the cot (for a close-up view of your baby’s face) or to the baby itself (for accurate body temperature and pulse-rate readings) are best avoided.

These overly tech-enabled monitors operate on the same electromagnetic frequencies as Wi-Fi routers or microwaves, constantly emitting strong bursts of radiation when powered on. Opt for low-emission, analogue baby monitors instead and leave all vitals monitoring to the professionals.

Also steer clear from baby cots or mattresses with metal meshes or springs, as metal attracts higher EMF waves.

Babies love music, so ditch Alexa and other bluetooth enabled devices and use aux cable connected speakers that will not expose your little one to EMF radiation.


Skip placing Wi-Fi routers or Wi-Fi enabled CCTV cameras in every room of the house, especially the baby’s room, and use hardwired internet connections (LAN) instead.

Keep appliances and devices off, or on airplane mode as much as possible. If Wi-Fi use is necessary, only turn it on when in use.

CFL bulbs give off a lot of radiation, so opt for LEDs instead or go back to incandescent lights in your home.

Know that new ‘smart’ appliances often have chips in them to send data wirelessly, so think about the extra radiation exposure that would lead to when you set up a smart home.

As an expecting mama, give your smart watch a break and monitor yourself in other healthy ways, to avoid your in-womb developing baby from receiving excessive radiation.


Distance yourself and your baby from your phone or laptop as much as possible to reduce EMF exposure. Remember, the closer you are to any source, the stronger the radiation will be, so move away from the sources – even if it is only a few inches.

It’s common for moms to be on their phones during breastfeeding. Ideally, it’s best to keep devices away and connect with your baby. However, if you must use your phone, make sure its atleast two feet away from you and your baby and calls or movies are on speakerphone or use an Airtube headset, which unlike bluetooth wireless headsets, does not expose you to radiation.

Avoid ‘wearing’ your phone on your body or placing it inside your baby carrier or stroller pockets. The farther away it is from vital organs – like the heart, a pregnant belly or your baby’s developing brain, the less radiation you and your baby will be exposed to. Never work with your laptop on your belly if you’re pregnant.

It’s important not to make calls when your battery is low – your phone automatically increases its signal to compensate, emitting more radiation. Similarly, avoid making calls from the car, the signal has to bounce off different towers constantly to stay connected, which increases your EMF exposure.


You and your baby are most vulnerable to environmental toxins and radiation when sleeping, so give your body the rest it needs to repair and restore itself at night, by remembering to turn off and unplug all devices, Wi-Fi routers, cordless telephones, televisions etc.

Keep your phone far away from your bedside or baby crib, even if it is on airplane mode, the battery is still emitting magnetic fields.

During the day, set a time limit for on your tot’s portable screen devices. If they are using your phone to play games, make sure it’s set to airplane mode.


There are alternative ways to reduce the negative effects of EMF exposure and re-balance the nervous system.

Minimize your use of digital devices when possible. Even better, take regular digital detoxes.

Use radiation protection tools such as the Enviroglobe and EMF shields for your laptop, baby monitor and phone.

Placing black tourmaline stones and orogone pyramids in the room are also known to negate the effects of EMF radiation.

Earthing or Grounding, suggests putting the body in direct contact with the earth or a conductive surface connected to the earth, to neutralize positive ions from electronic devices.

Being near moving water and having a Himalayan salt lamp generate negative ions and can mitigate the negative effects of exposure to EMF radiation.

Food that is high in antioxidants is known for its ability to reduce the body’s stress from EMF exposure.

Take a moment to be mindful about the sources of harmful radiation around you and consider ways to minimise your exposure to them. If you are not sure how or where to start, consult a professional who will visit your home to do radiation checks, to see how best you can reduce exposure.  

If you have any suggestions that have worked for reducing EMF radiation, we would love to share it with other mamas. Write to us at community@masilo.in

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