5 Mom-Approved Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Looking for a thoughtful baby shower gift that will make your mama friend’s life a whole lot easier? Here's our guide to gifts that make a difference curated by some of our favourite new moms...

Nestilo by Masilo

Mom Approved ✔
From Pooja Jauhari, mom to Leia

Leia lived in this snug, portable baby nest bed in the early months. We found it super useful, great for co-sleeping, and it's lightweight making it travel-friendly!

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Anmol Hybrid Wrap

Mom Approved ✔
From Raina Gagrat, mom to Nyrika

As a breastfeeding mom, I took Nyrika with me everywhere I went and found this wrap to be the perfect solution to being hands-free and yet keeping her close. The lightweight and breathable stretchy fabric made it a perfect choice for our hot Indian climate, and I also found this style of baby wearing ergonomic and back-friendly! It's a one-size-fits-all for both mama and baby, and we used it from day one and plan to continue doing so until Nyrika can walk.

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Skip Hop Foam Floor Tiles

Mom Approved ✔
From Gauri Nayar, mom to Kabir

I’ve used these foam floor tiles almost from the time our baby was born. They’re a perfect addition to the nursery, allowing for my husband and me to spend quality time with our son while he practices tummy time, and learns how to crawl and sit up. While he loves being in his cot, he gets so much more space on this playmat, and we love watching him flip over, reach for his favourite toys, and make new friends during play dates, all on this well-designed, easy to clean floor mat!

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The PhotoBug Baby Box

Mom Approved ✔
From Ambika Dalmia, mom to Sameera & Miraya

Eat. Sleep. Poop. Repeat! The PhotoBug Baby Box helps break this monotonous cycle for new mommies by letting them have fun with their munchkins and giving them the right props & inspiration for the most adorable baby pics!

Brainsmith Newborn Kit Quantum Cards

Mom Approved ✔

From Sanjana Jhaveri, mom to Sumeir

I used these flash cards three times a day after my baby turned one month. High contrast images are meant to help hold a baby's focus and boost their vision. Sumeir sure loved looking at the bold black and white shapes!

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