12 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman

Your hormones are racing during pregnancy, making everyday experiences feel completely different. It may seem like the whole world has an opinion on your pregnancy, which is why we’ve created this list of things not to say to a pregnant woman!

1. ‘Wow, you’ve become so big!’
Pregnancy weight gain is no joke, and pregnant or not, no one wants to hear about how much weight they’ve gained.

2. ‘You’re so small, you don’t even look pregnant!’
Just as you shouldn’t comment on how big a woman has got during pregnancy, it isn’t ideal to comment on how small she is either. You may not think this one’s insulting, but it can lead to a first-time mama worrying about her baby’s gestational age, which is the last thing anyone wants.

3. ‘You must be exhausted’
Saying this implies that she looks exhausted. Some pregnant mamas just don’t get that elusive glow. The woman you’re saying this to probably is sick, tired and/or exhausted. But if she looks miserable – it’s probably best not to highlight it! A better option would be to compliment her outfit or get her a healthy snack – that might just make her day!

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4. ‘Don’t worry, you’ll get your figure back’
She’s growing a tiny human being, people! Getting her old waistline back may not be on top of her agenda.

5. ‘Was the pregnancy planned?’
If you are not close enough to know whether she was trying to have a baby, then it’s likely you aren’t close enough to be asking about her sex life either. Regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned or not – it’s happening. So, it’s best to simply wish her well!

6. ‘I hope you’ve cut out coffee/alcohol/cheese/etc.’
When someone gets pregnant, it’s quite likely that she and her doctor are well aware of the dietary restrictions she must follow. Reminding her of all the food and drinks she can’t have will only make her crave them more!

7. ‘OMG, I have to tell you about my crazy long labour’
Don’t! Nobody looks forward to labour, and no mama-to-be needs to hear any horror childbirth stories. #GoodVibesOnly please!

8. ‘How long do you plan to breastfeed?’
No one can know what their breastfeeding experience will be like, and it is something many women struggle with. So it’s best to avoid putting any pressure with your opinion on this very personal topic, and let the new mama decide what works best for her, in her own time.

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9. ‘Sleep/Travel/Party all you can now because you won’t be able to later!’
Even first-time moms know that babies are a lot of work and there won’t be time for lazy sleep-ins, adventure travels or a hectic nightlife for a few years. But they’ve still gone ahead and made the decision to have a baby and are excited about this new chapter in their life. So avoid making a comment like this that really means ‘enjoy yourself now because your life will soon be over.’

10. ‘I guess I won’t be seeing you for a couple of years!’
Pregnancy and having a baby does not necessarily immobilise a woman. Women may choose to work or not, and may be very social or not at all during this time. Baby wearing makes it easier for some to step out without separation anxiety and others prefer leaving their little ones at home for short periods to get some “adult-time.” Rather than assuming having a baby means they are going to be housebound, try making plans that work around their new routine instead.

11. ‘I’m sure it’s a boy/girl’
People who believe the shape of your bump (whether you're carrying high or low) can determine your baby’s gender tend to say this. Avoid! It can be annoying if you’re pregnant and decide not to find out the sex or live in India, where it’s illegal to find out. Side note: It’s also best not to assume that someone who has had two or more children of the same sex is disappointed.

12. Are you pregnant?
To round off our list, here is the absolute worst question you can ask any woman, pregnant or not! Every woman’s body type is different, so it’s safer not to assume they are pregnant based on their appearance and wait to be told.

We would love to hear from you on funny/annoying questions that you’ve been asked while pregnant. Email them to us at community@masilo.in

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