Heyday Organic & Plant-Based Baby Diapers (Pack of 20)

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Size S (upto 8 kg)

  • S (upto 8 kg)
  • M (7-14 kg)
  • L (13-20 kg)
  • XL (18-25 kg)
829 INR

Masilo Approved  Say goodbye to diaper rashes and allergies, and say hello to these organic and non-toxic disposables made from plant fibresmaking them better for your baby and the environment!

Diaper rashes and allergies are often caused by the harsh chemicals found in mainstream brands. Since most babies wear diapers 24/7, it’s worth investing in ones that are natural and toxin-free.

With this in mind, we’re so excited to welcome our favourite products from Heyday to the Masilo collection—all of them mom approved! Their diapers are made from all-natural and organic plant fibres with no chemicals, plastics or toxins.

And the best part? Unlike conventional disposables that clog our oceans and landfills, they decompose within 2 years of disposal!

Safe, healthy, soft and organic baby diapers
• Made from plant fibres using no harmful chemicals, plastics, polymers, perfumes or dioxins
Snugfit pant design with stretchy waist band for easy movement
Three wetness indicator lines for convenient changes (turns from yellow to blue every time baby urinates)
2 year biodegradability, disposes with household waste or in compost pit
Made in India

100% Organic corn & bamboo fibre

Small: Suitable for babies weighing upto 8kg
Medium: Suitable for babies weighing between 7-14kg
Large: Suitable for babies weighing between 13-20kg
Extra Large: Suitable for babies weighing between 18-25kg

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