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Masilo Approved  Ever wondered what bathing in deep space would be like? Invite the cosmos into your shower with these gorgeous hand-cut and hand-made artisanal soaps!

The skin is the body's largest and most responsive organ, and what goes on our skin is eventually absorbed into our bodies. Expecting and new moms have especially sensitive skin, absorbing everything you put on it. And especially when you're handling a small baby 24/7, it's important to be conscious about the products you use on your skin, as your child will also be indirectly exposed to them and is susceptible to developing allergies easilyThis is why we recommend only all-natural and safe skin care products for moms.

With this is mind, we’re so excited to welcome our favourite products from the Nature Masons to the Masilo collection—all of them mom approved! Made sustainably in small batches, these all-natural skin care products do no damage to you or the environment. They are not only ultra safe for your skin, but are reef and ocean friendly, too. If there's just one word to describe their skin care range, it would be: Magic!

These soaps are Glycerin based with Grapefruit, Orange, Eucalyptus and Ylang Ylang Essential oils. Extremely gentle on your skin they do help to moisturise and combat dry skin and unclog your pores without stretching your skin out.

Sulphate free Glycerine soap base Essential Oils (Grapefruit, Orange, Eucalyptus and Ylang Ylang) with Natural and Mica Pigments

How to Use
Rub between your hands and lather then rinse off

80 gms

• Organic, non-toxic ingredients
• Handcrafted in small batches
• No Animal testing
• As zero-waste as possible packaging
• Made in Goa, India

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