Baby Monitor Anti-Radiation Chip

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Masilo Approved  Protect you and your little ones from the harmful health effects of EMF radiation from modern day devices

We’re so excited to welcome our favourite Radiation Protection tools to our Eco Shop—all of them mom approved! Having a baby monitor is reassuring for many parents. But they also emit radiation that can lower your baby’s immunity, making them vulnerable to various health hazards. This chip keeps your little one safe from the ill-effects of EMF radiation emitted from your baby monitor and creates a healthier environment.

Read more about electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) and ways to lessen their negative health effects on our blog post.

• Protects you and your baby from the harmful radiation emitted by your baby monitor
• Does not compromise on the signal strength or connectivity of your wireless devices
• Includes two radiation protection chips, one for the transmitter (camera/listening device) and one for the receiver
• Easy application and premium quality adhesive for stronger grip and durability
• CE certified to meet European safety, health and environmental protection requirements

How to use
• Remove the chips from the cover and fix one of them at the back of the transmitter (camera/listening device) in your baby’s room and the other chip on the receiver
• Place one chip in the bottom section of the receiver and the other chip on the top section of the transmitter (refer to image online or back of the packaging)

2.6 x 1.6”

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