My Favourite Yoga Asanas During Pregnancy

What I love about Iyengar yoga, especially during pregnancy, is that all the props make you feel really supported and comfortable. It's almost as if you are being pampered while doing yoga – and all you mamas-to-be sure deserve all the pampering you can get!

Once you get the go ahead from your doctor to exercise, check out some of my favourite asanas that I practiced during my pregnancy, which come highly recommended for pregnant women, by my guruji Ian.


This asana relieves morning sickness and constipation. It is super relaxing and a great way to start your practice or to end it – I could stay in it for hours!


It's important to differentiate between open twists such as this one as opposed to closed twists that will compress your stomach. Always keep the feeling of opening and relaxing, never compressing and contracting. 


This asana strengthens the pelvic muscles along with the lower back, spine, and sacrum. It improves blood circulation, tones the kidneys and can help reduce labour pains. That's plenty reasons for me to do it!


There's something deep and primal about getting so close down to the earth in this yoga squat, using gravity to stretch your inner groin and thighs. This empowering asana also adds mobility to your ankles and stabilizes your energy.


This asana, whether done with a chair or a block, always provides a feeling of opening up. It’s known to stimulate and improve circulation and give flexibility to the groins, hamstrings and hips. Always remember to keep your torso aligned with your legs even if your fingertips don't touch the ground.

Shilarna (aka Chinu) Vaze is a celebrity chef and mom blogger based out of Mumbai. @chefchinuvaze


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